Certified PROFIBUS Installers Course

The PROFIBUS International Certified Installers Course is a 1½ day, hands-on, practical training course targeted at individuals with little or no previous PROFIBUS experience. It is an excellent way to ensure that your staff is competently trained to install and maintain a faultless network, thereby avoiding and minimizing downtime. Further than this, and following the lead of other countries, more and more end users are requiring installations done by certified people to guarantee a certain level of technical competence.

Course Outline

The PROFIBUS Certified Installers Course meets the PROFIBUS International training material outcomes and is an internationally recognized certification by PI. The course focuses on providing attendees with the knowledge to ensure that PROFIBUS network installation is performed to the highest standards and avoid common installation errors. The course provides an overview of PROFIBUS network operation and characteristics, covering the theory, practice and common pitfalls of PROFIBUS DP and PA installation. 
Using the demonstration boards developed by the Training and Competence Centre which integrate a wide range of standard industrial devices, the student is taken through the basics of topology and wiring an active network through to using diagnostic tools to detect and correct installation faults. 
For a more detailed look at Troubleshooting and Maintenance of DP networks, please see our Certified Installer with Troubleshooting and Maintenance course.


Every student is required to demonstrate their new found competence by passing both a practical and multiple-choice theory test. Attendees that do not pass the examination may undertake a single second attempt on a date organized with the PCC.


Although the Installer's course is aimed at technical personnel who have not worked with PROFIBUS before, we have found it necessary to introduce a guideline for prospective attendees. It is most beneficial if the attendee has a technical qualification or good experience with or understanding of digital communications systems. Occasional exposure to cabling PROFIBUS networks has been found to be insufficient in preparing potential candidates. Therefore, as a guideline, potential candidates must:
  • Have a good command of the English language.
  • Understand the basics of digital communications and what it entails.
  • Be able to quickly understand and interpret technical ideas and systems.
While the PCC makes every effort to aid attendees in understanding the subject matter and associated concepts, the course time is limited and therefore the PCC cannot be held responsible for attendees that fail to cope with the material covered. 


Due to the technical nature of the course and our desire to see a maximum pass rate, we try limit training groups to a maximum of 8 people.


The Johannesburg based course will be run from the IDX offices in Fourways. Please contact us if you would like to arrange onsite training.