Certified PROFIBUS Engineers

Below you will find a list of all Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineers recognised in South Africa. If you need to contact a Certified Installer/Engineer please contact any one of the companies below or contact the PCC and we will refer you to one.

Why am I not on this list?
If you completed your Engineers Course in another country your name may not be shown on the list kindly fax a copy of your certificate to +27 11 465 8890 and we will add you to our database.

Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineers in South Africa

 Reg No.Full NameCompanyDate Certified
PCPAE-NETH-0001Alex ThalmannIDXOnline CC25 October 2006
PCPA-RSA-00001Gordon TrollipMondi Business Paper15 June 2007
PCPA-RSA-00002Bruce RattrayMondi Business Paper15 June 2007
PCPA-RSA-00003Kevin SwamySappi15 June 2007
PCPA-CH-00004Danie GiliomeeLesedi Nuclear Services (Pty) Ltd8 June 2007
PCPA-RSA-0006Mark Antony NormanSouth African Breweries - Ibhayi Breweries26 June 2009
PCPA-RSA-0007Jonathan TemlettIDXOnline CC26 June 2009
PCPA-RSA-0008Brendan GunnIDXOnline CC26 June 2009
PCPA-RSA-0009Chrispen MukaroRand Water02 December 2011
PCPA-RSA-0010James MbeweRand Water02 December 2011
PCPA-RSA-0011Prince Muzi MananaRand Water02 December 2011
PCPA-RSA-0012Seelan NaidooCimpor02 December 2011
PCPA-RSA-0013Michael Robert GarnhamIDXOnline CC19 June 2012
PCPA-RSA-0014Mthulisi NxumaloIDXOnline CC19 June 2012
PCPA-RSA-0015Ryan CoetzeeIDXOnline CC19 June 2012
PCPA-RSA-0016Neil BelcherMondi Business Paper - Richards Bay Mill30 November 2012
PCPA-RSA-0017Vic MennellMondi Business Paper - Richards Bay Mill30 November 2012
PCPA-RSA-0018Bongani ShishabaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd31 January 2014
PCPA-RSA-0019Blessing MayiselaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd31 January 2014
PCPA-RSA-0020Kabeer SewpersadABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd31 January 2014
PCPA-RSA-0021Matthews ShabanguABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd31 January 2014
PCPA-RSA-0022Johann MoutonNamibia Breweries28 November 2014
PCPA-RSA-00023Francis ChimukaMpact27 February 2015
PCPA-RSA-00024Stephanus Walter Le RouxENRC27 February 2015
PCPA-RSA-00025Deshan NaidooSappi Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd22 May 2015
PCPA-RSA-00026Kyle Hans Gerson RoosIDXOnline cc22 May 2015
PCPA-RSA-00027Theunis MalanSappi Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd22 May 2015
PCPA-RSA-00028Vicky AvatharSappi Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd22 May 2015