Certified PROFIBUS Engineers

Below you will find a list of all Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineers recognised in South Africa. If you need to contact a Certified Installer/Engineer please contact any one of the companies below or contact the PCC and we will refer you to one.

Why am I not on this list?
If you completed your Engineers Course in another country your name may not be shown on the list kindly fax a copy of your certificate to +27 11 465 8890 and we will add you to our database.

Certified PROFIBUS Engineers in South Africa

 REG No.Full NameCompanyDate Certified
PCE-RSA-00001Alex ThalmannIDX Online19 April 2004
PCE-RSA-00002Navin JagessarEngen19 April 2004
PCE-RSA-00003Errol Roy MannLapp Cable09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00004Johan van der WesthuizenDe Beers, Venetia Mine09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00005Joseph GanasenMondi Business Paper, Merebank09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00006Llewellyn J. BestABB SA (PTY) Ltd09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00007Adrian John LiebenbergUIC Control and Automation09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00008Morné MacKenzieAnglo Platinum03 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00009Hannes KrugerHatch16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00010Graham van ZylHatch16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00011Warren BraunHatch16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00012Thomas TheronHatch16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00013Jonathan van NiekerkHatch16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00014Duane WoodrowAnglo Platinum16 August 2004
PCE-RSA-00015Barend Jacobus van HeerdenTati Nickel Mining Company (PTY) LTD09 July 2004
PCE-RSA-00016Shaun NelDebswana, Orapa Mine05 November 2004
PCE-RSA-00017Gordon TrollipMondi Business Paper, Richards Bay05 November 2004
PCE-RSA-00018Alan James FourieNorthlite05 November 2004
PCE-RSA-00019Michael LockABB SA (PTY) Ltd05 November 2004
PCE-RSA-00020Bruce RattrayMondi Business Paper, Richards Bay15 November 2004
PCE-RSA-00021Claude LennoxSABMiller - Chamdor Brewery22 December 2004
PCE-RSA-00022Gerhard BadenhorstInnomatic18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00023Chris ByeInnomatic18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00024Brett Lee BoswellJaakko Poyry SA18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00025Dean Stuart NevayB&W Instrumentation & Electrical Limited18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00026Barry KirtonB&W Instrumentation & Electrical Limited18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00027Jerome Nicholas BoulleAnglo Platinum18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00028Neil BekkerKusasa Engineering18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00029Richard Seton-RogersEHL18 February 2005
PCE-RSA-00030Michael BarkerIDX Online27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00031Ashley Alister DaveyAfrican Products27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00032Michael SmithContinental Tyre SA (Pty) Ltd27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00033Johann HerbstSoffix27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00034Jurgens WesselsColumbus Stainless27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00035Albertus WeberAfrican Products27 May 2005
PCE-RSA-00036Anthony John KrugerSappi - Saaicor05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00037Charles Warren HoughSappi - Saaicor05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00038Gert JonkerMoeller Electric (Pty) Ltd05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00039Willem Hendrik van HeerdenAfrican Products05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00040Robert Jown Ashdown SmithTati Nickel Mining Company05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00041Dean Byron MoirRotork05 August 2005
PCE-RSA-00042Neil Christopher SelbyDe Beers, Venetia Mine07 November 2005
PCE-RSA-00043Pregs NaidooAfrilek Automation (Pty) Ltd04 November 2005
PCE-RSA-00044Hannes van TonderYokogawa SA (Pty) Ltd04 November 2005
PCE-RSA-00045Kevin SwamySappi Kraft, Tugela Mill10 February 2006
PCE-RSA-00046Varundew NundkishoreAlpret Controls10 February 2006
PCE-RSA-00047Henk SteynNamPower12 May 2006
PCE-RSA-00048Martin VermaakCI Shurlock12 May 2006
PCE-RSA-00049Marius van der WaltSystems Automation and Management (SAM)12 May 2006
PCE-RSA-00050Alden CloeteNamZinc4 August 2006
PCE-RSA-00051Jan SutherlandNamdeb4 August 2006
PCE-RSA-00052Marcel BernhardtEcoServe4 August 2006
PCE-RSA-00053Mark KempNamdeb4 August 2006
PCE-RSA-00054Russell Du PlessisDe Beers, Group Technical Services12 May 2006
PCE-RSA-00055Jan Daniel SchmidtMetso Automation10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00056Dawid BotesBateman Engineering10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00057Louis de NeckerUIC Control & Automation10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00058Donald James McDiarmidUIC Control & Autoamation10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00059Marius ByliefeldtDe Beers - Venetia Mine10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00060Stephen ScheepersABB South Africa10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00061Phillip LawsonKansanshi Mining PLC10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00062Phillip NelKansanshi Mining PLC10 November 2006
PCE-RSA-00074Jacobus VermeulenAfrican Product (Pty) Ltd02 March 2007
PCE-RSA-00075Martin VersteeghAfrican Product (Pty) Ltd02 March 2007
PCE-RSA-00076Milson MoraleDebeers-Venetia Mine02 March 2007
PCE-RSA-00077Roland L TheronAnglo Platinum-ESTC02 March 2007
PCE-RSA-00063Danie OosthuizenModikwa Platinum Mine01 June 2007
PCE-RSA-00064Robert FourieDebeers-Lime Acres01 June 2007
PCE-RSA-00065Rian van SchalkwykBateman Projects Limited01 June 2007
PCE-RSA-00066Danie ScholtzMoeller Electric01 June 2007
PCE-RSA-00067Hannes SteynMetso Automation01 June 2007
PCE-RSA-00068Jonathan TemlettIDXOnline cc24 Aug 2007
PCE-RSA-00069Hardus JacobsEndress + Hauser 24 Aug 2007
PCE-RSA-00070Lloyd HlaleleEndress + Hauser24 Aug 2007
PCE-RSA-00074Cron DrudeDebeers-Venetia Mine09 Nov 2007
PCE-RSA-00075Kervin GorvenderPBMR09 Nov 2007
PCE-RSA-00076Mthulisi NxumaloIDXOnline CC09 Nov 2007
PCE-RSA-00077Richard WilliamsPBMR09 Nov 2007
PCE-RSA-00078Roland LaurensDebeers - Lime Acres09 Nov 2007
PCE-RSA-00079Harry McCartyDebeers-Venetia Mine07 December 2007
PCE-RSA-00080Brendan GunnIDXOnline CC25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00081Donovan DercksenLapp Cable25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00082Frederik NagelMC Process25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00083Gift Tijandjewa KandukiraSA German Chamber of Commerce & Industry25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00084Sonja NienaberSA German Chamber of Commerce & Industry25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00085Zelda van TonderSA German Chamber of Commerce & Industry25 January 2008
PCE-RSA-00086Masimba WarindaTravel Logistics Manager CC29 February 2008
PCE-RSA-00087Neil DuthieQuad Automation29 February 2008
PCE-RSA-00088Theo BoshoffCHI Control29 February 2008
PCE-RSA-00089Vinesan GovenderRand Water29 February 2008
PCE-RSA-00090Allen HeynekeIritron (Pty) Ltd16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00091Gary CollumMondi Business Paper-Richards Bay16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00092Johan Potgieter Goldfields Mine SA (Pty) Ltd16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00093Neil BelcherMondi Business Paper-Richards Bay16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00094Vic MennellMondi Business Paper-Richards Bay16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00096Johan BurgerB & W Instrumentation & Electrical (Pty) Ltd16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00073Frikkie EngelbrechtMinopex24 August 2007
PCE-RSA-00095Jacob NtombelaAberdare Cables16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-00097Awie BosmanABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd08 August 2008
PCE-RSA-00098Eddie CawoodFirst Quantum Minerals-Frontier Mine 08 August 2008
PCE-RSA-10000John ManuellABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd08 August 2008
PCE-RSA-10100Paul Xolani SikhakhaneTongaat Huletts Sugar08 August 2008
PCE-RSA-10200Adriaan SmutsB & W Instrumentation & Electrical Limited16 May 2008
PCE-RSA-10300Nontsikelelo Sihle NkwanyanaUniversity of Kwa-Zulu Natal19 September 2008
PCE-RSA-10400Gareth FreeseUniversity of Kwa-Zulu Natal19 September 2008
PCE-RSA-10500Leanne NaidooUniversity of Kwa-Zulu Natal19 September 2008
PCE-RSA-10600Bilal MoollaSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-10700Dirk BeierSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-10800Gary Roger WilsonSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-10900Matsie RamahaliSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-11000Mlunghisi NkuzanaSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-11100Sean GilbertSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-11200Janes StarkieAnglo Platinum-Western Limb Tailings & Retreatment Plant14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11300Joaquim F.C. MaiaSasol SynFuels (Pty) Ltd14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11400Keodumetse MosarwaDebswana Diamond Mine 14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11500Riaan FourieDanone Clover14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11600Sabata MasuphaLafarge Industries SA14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11700Stephanus Johannes HornFoskor14 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12000Grant DouglasAfrilek Automation28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11800Brett PageSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-11900Ernest van NiekerkSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12100Joe Von AulockSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12200Megendran NaidooSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12300Michael Stuart MasseySiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12400Mohan MorarSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12500Sibongile MtshaliSiemens Ltd28 November 2008
PCE-RSA-12600Carl ReineckeDurban University of Technology13 February 2009
PCE-RSA-12700Edward BojeUniversity of KwaZulu Natal13 February 2009
PCE-RSA-12800Agasen MunsamySiemens Ltd13 February 2009
PCE-RSA-12900Mhlonishwa Fortune NgubaneSiemens Ltd13 February 2009
PCE-RSA-00071Stephen BurgoyneE + PC Engineering & Projects Company24 August 2007
PCE-RSA-13000Dhersen SubramanienSiemens Ltd24 October 2008
PCE-RSA-13100Amos MatinganeTSB Sugar12 June 2009
PCE-RSA-13200Andre CoetserPrivate12 June 2009
PCE-RSA-13300Anthony RoffeB & W Instrumentation and Electrical Limited12 June 2009
PCE-RSA-13400Jaco SwartSasol SynFuels International (Pty) Ltd12 June 2009
PCE-RSA-13500Mark NormanSAB Miller - Ibhayi Breweries12 June 2009
PCE-RSA-13600Evan HannieAurecon (Pty) Ltd10 July 2009
PCE-RSA-13700Mark Henry JacksonAurecon (Pty) Ltd10 July 2009
PCE-RSA-13800Michael Robert GarnhamIDXOnline CC10 July 2009
PCE-RSA-13900Solly MabitselaSasol Infrachem10 July 2009
PCE-RSA-14000Petrus J.D. BooysenConsol Glass (Pty) Ltd11 September 2009
PCE-RSA-14100Ryan KatKaltron11 September 2009
PCE-RSA-14200Colin Bongane MadoloMetix (Pty) Ltd13 November 2009
PCE-RSA-14300Eugene KoorzenEnergi Trading & Logistics13 November 2009
PCE-RSA-14400Martyn Jan Josef RedelinghuysAnglo Platinum13 November 2009
PCE-RSA-14500Riaan LosperSMS Industrial Services13 November 2009
PCE-RSA-14600Barry ViljoenProconics (Pty) Ltd26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-14700Francois JordaanPPC Cement Dwaalboom26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-14800Gert MyburghBMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-14900Lucien JordaanBMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-15000Pedro De OliveiraBlueTech Systems Solutions26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-15100Pelonomi Jael OagileDebswana - Orapa Mine26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-15200Thabo MotlhakeDebswana - Orapa Mine26 February 2010
PCE-RSA-15400Kevin RobinsonSasol Infrachem23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-15800Teboho LeepileSasol Infrachem23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-15900Tumisang MorakaSasol Infrachem23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-15600Obey MadzivirePaladin Africa Limited23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-15300Frederik Wessie van der WesthuizenRand Water23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-16000Asheen SerpaulHulamin Limited28 May 2010
PCE-RSA-16100Corne JordaanHulamin Limited28 May 2010
PCE-RSA-16200Jerome JacobsSappi Forest Product - Tugela Mill28 May 2010
PCE-RSA-16300Seelan NaidooNatal Portland Cement28 May 2010
PCE-RSA-16400Thirushan GovenderHulamin Limited28 May 2010
PCE-RSA-16500Alvaro StorbeckBucyrus Electrical27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-16600Dauw VenterImpala Platinum Limited Refineries27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-16700Gary HendryControl Systems Integration27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-16800Motoloki John LephoiDilokong Chrome Mine27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-16900Karabo ChimusiAnglo Platinum - Waterval Smelter27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-17000Michael GermishuizenBucyrus Electrical27 August 2010
PCE-RSA-17100Jaysen Reggie LoockCHI Control12 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17200Jan Johannes RossouwAnglo Platinum - Mogalakwena Section12 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17300Kyle DanielsonCHI Control12 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17400Leonard MutavikwaPPC Colleen Bawn Factory - Zimbabwe12 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17500Nkululeko SitshaPPC Colleen Bawn Factory - Zimbabwe12 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17600Claudius AbinelZimbabwe Platinum Mines26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17700Sakaria Imbeni NantangaDe Beers Marine - Namibia26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17800Heinrich WentzelSiemens Limited26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-17900Mpilwenhle MoyoPPC Colleen Bawn Factory - Zimbabwe26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-18000Amith RampersadBMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-18100Ian Edward PalmerVolkswagen South Africa26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-18200Riegardt Du PlessisVolkswagen South Africa26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-18300Enos LunguPPC - Colleen Bawn Factory - Zimbabwe26 November 2010
PCE-RSA-18500Samuel AmisiGolden Star - Ghana12 February 2011
PCE-RSA-18600Matthew AnnanGolden Star - Ghana12 February 2011
PCE-RSA-18700Edward EdufulGolden Star - Ghana12 February 2011
PCE-RSA-18900Blessward Nginodzashe ChinhoiTongaat Hulett Sugar, Xinavane - Mozambique18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19000Chrispen MukaroRand Water18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19100James MbeweRand Water18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19200Jaun BothaTongaat Hulett, Xinavane - Mozambique18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19300Prince Muzi MananaRand Water18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19400Ryan CoetzeeIDXOnline CC18 February 2011
PCE-RSA-19500Muhammad SimjeeSasol Infrachem15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-19600Francois MarkramGoldfields15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-19700Danie PienaarSishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-19800Danie LombaardSishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-19900Reino van der MerweSishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-20000Deon RouxSishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-20001Mark WoodMondi Packaging SA - Springs15 April 2011
PCE-RSA-20002Andrew FraserMondi Packaging - Springs24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20003Jan WollerNew Africa Control Engineering (Pty) Ltd24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20004John HoffeNew Africa Control Engineering (Pty) Ltd24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20005Louis OppermanBASF South Africa (Pty) Ltd24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20006Pierre De MonArtiflex Engineering24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20007Pieter OosthuizenAnglo Platinum - Mogalakwena North24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20008Thembakazi GumedeGoldfields24 June 2011
PCE-RSA-20009Allan McCulloughIllovo Sugar Limited26 August 2011
PCE-RSA-20010Adhir RamruthanHulamin26 August 2011
PCE-RSA-20011Roshan NundlalHulamin26 August 2011
PCE-RSA-20012Shaun WalfordUIC Control & Automation (Pty) Ltd26 August 2011
PCE-RSA-20013Ernest MukuwariArcelomettal South Africa Ltd28 October 2011
PCE-RSA-20014Jacques BurgerSasol Solvents28 October 2011
PCE-RSA-20015Mandlenkosi NeneRand Water28 October 2011
PCE-RSA-20016Sebushi Vincent DitshegoRand Water28 October 2011
PCE-RSA-20017Hilton Marcel WurmsDe Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd25 November 2011
PCE-RSA-20018Ivan OdendaalDe Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd25 November 2011
PCE-RSA-20026Figson SibiyaSasol Synfuels (Pty) Ltd17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20027Filip PaluncicIDXOnline CC17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20028Jan Daniel Francois JoubertPrivate17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20029Julien AppannaSasol Polymer's17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20030Joseph BothaSasol Synfuels (Pty) Ltd17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20031Shamim AlleeSasol Synfuels (Pty) Ltd17 February 2012
PCE-RSA-20024Jean BritsEHL Consulting Engineers09 December 2011
PCE-RSA-20023Kathrine MagengaZimbabwe Platinum Mines09 December 2011
PCE-RSA-20025Philani MhlopheRand Water09 December 2011
PCE-RSA-20032Bertus van WykKentz (Pty) Ltd20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20033Ernst MinnaarMinopex20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20034Kevin GabrielAurora Control Systems20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20035Ladislav Jim CizekAnglo American Platinum20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20036Marcel MaughanImp Calibration Services (Pty) Ltd20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20019Moses TjilumbuDe Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd25 November 2011
PCE-RSA-20020Precious Nonhlanhla BloseRand Water25 November 2011
PCE-RSA-20021Simson JohnsonDe Beers Marine (Pty) Ltd25 November 2011
PCE-RSA-20022Vimal RamdevuMondi Business Paper - Richards Bay Mill20 April 2012
PCE-RSA-20037Greg PiotrowskiKentz (Pty) Ltd25 May 2012
PCE-RSA-20038Jacques MiddelKentz (Pty) Ltd25 May 2012
PCE-RSA-20039Adriaan KamperABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd29 June 2012
PCE-RSA-20040Bongani ShishabaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd29 June 2012
PCE-RSA-20041Mathews ShabanguABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd29 June 2012
PCE-RSA-20042Ravi SaroopSouth African Breweries29 June 2012
PCE-RSA-20043Ashen AsraiNPC Cimpor6 July 2012
PCE-RSA-20044Bhekumusa MchunuRichards Bay Coal Terminal6 July 2012
PCE-RSA-20045Cecil GroeningIllovo Sugar - Ubombo6 July 2012
PCE-RSA-20046Mervin Sriramulu NaidooEngen Petroleum Ltd6 July 2012
PCE-RSA-20047Scelo Arnold MhlongoRichards Bay Coal Terminal6 July 2012
PCE-RSA-20048Blessing Sibusiso MayiselaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd14 September 2012
PCE-RSA-20049Johannes Hennie BurgerMauritanian Copper Mine14 September 2012
PCE-RSA-20050Malvin NkomoIDXOnline cc14 September 2012
PCE-RSA-20051Patrick Thubalakhe MasangoCape Peninsula University of Technology 14 September 2012
PCE-RSA-20052Itayi MakosaZimbabwe Platinum Mines14 September 2012
PCI-RSA-20053Adriaan MoolmanNew Afriaca Control Engineering (Pty) Ltd26 October 2012
PCI-RSA-20054Brighton ChoruwaZimbabwe Platinum Mine26 October 2012
PCE-RSA-20055Mohamed Sidna AlyMauritanian Copper Mine26 October 2012
PCE-RSA-20056Johan Christiaan Cilliers Sasol Technology26 October 2012
PCE-RSA-20057Jainos MutubukiZimbabwe Platinum Mines23 November 2012
PCE-RSA-20058Johan MoutonNamibia Breweries23 November 2012
PCE-RSA-20059Pravin SinghMondi Business Paper - Richards Bay Mill23 November 2012
PCE-RSA-20060Tumelo Samuel LekalakalaHatch (Pty) Ltd23 November 2012
PCE-RSA-20061David Nkopane NgakaneAfrican Oxygen Limited14 December 2012
PCE-RSA-20062Martin ModiseDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine14 December 2012
PCE-RSA-20063Molefe TshwenyegoDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine14 December 2012
PCE-RSA-20064Samuel Keorapetse BaitsesengDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine14 December 2012
PCE-RSA-20065Mpolokang NsengaaliDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine01 March 2013
PCE-RSA-20066Prince Mmoloki BasheDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine01 March 2013
PCE-RSA-20067AbdulQadir AmraSasol Wax19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20068Angus Mc DermottRand Refinery19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20069Christopher JanuarieNampower LTD19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20070Daniel SangungiNampower LTD 19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20071Gasemotho Ningi PhalaloXaloo Technologies19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20072Jona JonaNampower LTD19 April 2013
PCE-RSA-20073Calvin HamandisheTubatse Chrome (Pty) Ltd31 May 2013
PCE-RSA-20074Francis ChimukaMPACT31 May 2013
PCE-RSA-20075Washington MandudeTubatse Chrome (Pty) Ltd31 May 2013
PCE-RSA-20076Willem JP WillemseBMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd31 May 2013
PCE-RSA-20077Johan Andre van den BergTubatse Chrome (Pty) Ltd28 June 2013
PCE-RSA-20078Quentin Gareth LouwAnglo Platinum - Base Metal Refinery28 June 2013
PCE-RSA-20079Thuladu ZuluTubatse Chrome (Pty) Ltd28 June 2013
PCE-RSA-20080Banyatsi Max GaedieDebswana Diamond Company - Jwaneng Mine26 July 2013
PCE-RSA-20081Thabiso NhlapoRand Water26 July 2013
PCE-RSA-20082Gerrie ReyneckeDRA Mineral Projects (Pty) Ltd30 August 2013
PCE-RSA-20083Hanre Swanepoel Buhler (Pty) Ltd30 August 2013
PCE-RSA-20084Ivan van EedenTronox Namakwa Sands30 August 2013
PCE-RSA-15500Muchecheti NgozanaDebswana Diamond Company23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-15700Prince Phemo OagileDebswana Diamond Company23 April 2010
PCE-RSA-20085Stephanus Walter Le RouxFrontier S.P.R.I13 December 2013
PCE-RSA-20086Barend HayesABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd24 January 2014
PCE-RSA-20087Kabeer SewpersadABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd24 January 2014
PCE-RSA-20088Trevor DunnABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd24 January 2014
PCE-RSA-20089Stelio ChaiaABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd24 JAnuary 2014
PCE-RSA-20090Archibald Leepile PitsoLevivi22 Engineering & Projects (Pty) Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20091Bimalchand GurunandSappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20092Deshan NaidooSappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20093Farnco Adrian Du PlessisSappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20094Goolam Hoosen CassimSappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20095Jacques HulleySappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20096Niresh RamgoolamImproChem14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20097Paolo ColateiGlobal Robotic Solutions14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20098Trevor James HarrisonSappi Southern Africa Ltd14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20099Wouter CoetzerDRA Mining (Pty) Limited14 March 2014
PCE-RSA-20100Davison SampindiZimbabwe Newspapers23 May 2014
PCE-RSA-20101Essau MuzendaZimbabwe Newspapers23 May 2014
PCE-RSA-20102Mashale Jacob MokoenaSasol Solvents23 May 2014
PCE-RSA-20103Henri De NeckerProfitek SA23 May 2014
PCE-RSA-20104Sibusiso NdzabukelwakoTongaat Hullet Sugar23 May 2014
PCI-RSA-20104Franck Ardin Kamga TuegnoABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd22 August 2014
PCE-RSA-20105Jasper BooysenMegatron Federal A Division of Ellies (Pty) Ltd22 August 2014
PCE-RSA-20106Karl Pieter BodensteinYokogawa SA (Pty) Ltd22 August 2014
PCE-RSA-20107Luyolo Edgar BooiLB Machine Tool cc22 August 2014
PCE-RSA-20108Tedy Mpoyi LukusaIDXOnline cc22 August 2014
PCE-RSA-20110Coby Albertus KlaasteTronox Namakwa Sands12 September 2014
PCE-RSA-20111Gert WrightTronox Namakwa Sands12 September 2014
PCE-RSA-20112Marthinus S.J BoshoffTronox Namakwa Sands12 September 2014
PCE-RSA-20113Renaldo Marco MegermanTronox Namakwa Sands12 September 2014
PCE-RSA-20114Rouxan Albertus GeldenhuysTronox Namakwa Sands12 September 2014
PCE-RSA-20115Koomeressen Tyrone NaidooSiemens Ltd03 October 2014
PCE-RSA-20116Makgopelo MokgothoSiemens Ltd03 October 2014
PCE-RSA-20117Treasure Thulebona MshololoSiemens Ltd03 October 2014
PCE-RSA-20118Walter ChapmanSiemens Ltd03 October 2014
PCE-RSA-20119Coenraad Frederick SnymanAnglo Platinum - Base Metal Refinery07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20120Loius Selwyn HallProconics (Pty) Ltd07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20121Nigel ValloRand Water07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20122Sabin NairPCS Global07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20123Theo WassenaarABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20124Zunaid KhanPCS Global07 November 2014
PCE-RSA-20125Ishmael JP SebatiSephaku Cement20 February 2015
PCE-RSA-20126Trevino SunkerSappi Southern Africa Ltd20 February 2015
PCE-RSA-20127Vicky AvatharSappi Southern Africa Ltd20 February 2015
PCE-RSA-20128Kyle Hans Gerson RoosIDXOnline cc24 April 2015
PCE-RSA-20129Mehlokazulu Blessing KavizahPPC Colleen Bawn - Zimbabwe24 April 2015
PCE-RSA-20130Theunis MalanSappi Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd24 April 2015
PCE-RSA-20131Allen MoyoPPC Colleen Bawn - Zimbabwe28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20132Sarel Christiaan Daniel Du PlessisAnglo American28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20133Mawande NyamelaHulamin Operations SA28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20134Nicholas AgushitoPPC Colleen Bawn - Zimbabwe28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20135Steven BrockleyGlencore Operations SA28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20136Tzu-Chieh KaoIDXOnline cc28 August 2015
PCE-RSA-20137Juan van AswegenLogichem09 October 2015
PCE-RSA-20138Mpho Donald RamafaloAnglo American - Mogalakwena Section09 October 2015
PCE-RSA-20139Sibusiso Vincent MasekoGlencore Operations SA09 October 2015
PCE-RSA-20140Terence Poobalan GovenderGlencore Operations SA09 October 2015
PCE-RSA-20141Francis Edward HoldenAECOM SA (Pty) Ltd04 September 2015
PCE-RSA-20142Itumeleng MaekoRand Water26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20143Kegean ReddyRand Water26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20144Michael Simbarashe MavenekeAutomation Specification26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20145Olesego DijokotaXaloo Technologies26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20146Siyabulela MafenukaMercedes Benz of South Africa26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20147Terence SimonControl System Integration26 February 2016
PCE-RSA-20169Heila Levina Helena Catharina TheronProconics (Pty) Ltd09 May 2016
PCE-RSA-201610Chris HideHulamin Operations SA09 May 2016
PCE-RSA-201611Thomas SephtonMutanda Mining SARL09 May 2016
PCE-RSA-201613Hercules VorsterMutanda Mining SARL15 August 2016
PCE-RSA-201614Jacobus MinnaarMutanda Mining SARL17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-201615Christiaan van AsDuferco Steel Processing17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-201616Jacobus SenekalDuferco Steel Processing17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-201617Hannes GroenewaldCPI Technologies17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-201618Charles CroftHigh-Tech Systems17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-201619Werner LombaardAngloGold Ashanti17 October 2016
PCE-RSA-20172Johannes Petrus van ZylGlencore Merafe Venture23 January 2017
PCE-RSA-20174Jehrene Ann PhillipIDXOnline cc23 January 2017
PCE-RSA-20175Juma Adolph NyakaneRichards Bay Coal Terminal (Pty) Ltd27 March 2017
PCE-RSA-20176Gert Johannes KoekemoerGlencore Merafe Venture27 March 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-20176Garrick SwanepoelGlencore Merafe Venture26 June 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-20177Tebogo BapelaGlencore Merafe Venture26 June 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-20175Thavendren NaickerIDXOnline CC26 June 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-20178Lorraine Botshelo RamaphalaCeracure11 September 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-20179Phumula SokhuluHeineken South Africa (Pty) Ltd11 September 2017
PCE-RSA-IDX-201710Khethokwakhe Innocent MpanzaHeineken South Africa (Pty) Ltd11 September 2017
PCE-RSA-201715Andries Coetzee CloeteGlencore Merafe Venture06 November 2017
PCE-RSA-201714Ashley OditABB South Africa (Pty) Ltd06 November 2017
PCE-RSA-201713Theodorus Ernst van TonderRI&D Projects06 November 2017
PCE-RSA-201712Joseph GanasenMondi Limited06 November 2017
PCE-RSA-201711Milton Tshepo MathebulaAnglo Platinum - Amandelbult Concentrator06 November 2017
PCE-RSA-20182Jaco GroblerMafube Coal Mine (Pty) Ltd05 March 2018
PCE-RSA-20183Josua GrobbelaarGlencore Merafe Venture05 March 2018
PCE-RSA-20184Patrick SekhotoMafube Coal Mine (Pty) Ltd05 March 2018
PCE-RSA-20185Sean OgborneIndustrial Data Xchange (Pty) Ltd05 March 2018
PCE-RSA-20181Ashish MothilallSasol SynFuels (Pty) Ltd06 March 2018