PROFIBUS in South Africa

PROFIBUS is alive and happening in Southern Africa and you can be part of it. The Regional PROFIBUS association (a.k.a. the PROFIBUS User Organisation) has been in operation for almost five years now and is growing into a strong community aimed at getting past user differences to see a better solution for all parties involved. For news on what events organised by the RPA as well as the requirements for membership visit their home page.

Regional PROFIBUS Association of Southern Africa

Regional PROFIBUS Association of Southern Africa

PROFIBUS in the World

PROFIBUS International is the body which ensures that vendor independence and openness by strict adherence to the standards and device certification.

To ensure that PROFIBUS stays in touch and update with the needs Technical Committees and Working Groups continue to evaluate the PROFIBUS standard. The Technical Committees and Working Groups devise profiles to define how class's of devices should interact to meet the needs of industry.

Regional PROFIBUS Associations represent PROFIBUS at a local level and consist of members from industry.

Competence Centres exist to educate vendors and users about PROFIBUS. These centres must meet certain criteria as set by PROFIBUS International. Certification Testing Centres form a part of several of the Competence Centres, and exist to award device certification to products which adhere to the PROFIBUS standards.

PROFIBUS International

PROFIBUS International

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