Site Audits

It is a fact that more than 90% of PROFIBUS faults are caused by installation errors. Yet far too often, systems are installed by completely different people to those that suffer when there are problems down the line.

Because PROFIBUS is quite resilient and many installation problems only show up after several month or years of use. So how can you guarantee that your contractors have done a good job? Make the contract subject to a Certification Inspection by a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer through the PROFIBUS Competence Centre!

One of our Competent PROFIBUS Engineers can evaluate each element of you installation, ensuring all parts comply with the latest PROFIBUS Installation requirements. On completion of the system evaluation an audit report with all recommendations and fixes done will be issued by the PCC. Should the installation be found to fully meet the requirements a certificate of compliance will be issued from the Competence Centre.

Alternatively the audit may be carried out, following the same careful procedure, by any one of the Internationally Certified PROFIBUS Engineers trained at the PROFIBUS Competence Centre.

For a list of all Certified PROFIBUS Engineers trained around the world consult the database on the PROFIBUS International website.

For a list of locally trained Certified PROFIBUS Engineers please contact us.