PROFIBUS is one of the world market leaders in Fieldbus technology. Designed and produced by the combined efforts of many of the field’s top development engineers, PROFIBUS is renown for its stability and reliability when properly installed and maintained.

You would not allow a brick layer to fix your car. Having staff with out any knowledge of the systems they are required to work on can be both dangerous and costly, and employing staff who know only a little can be even more hazardous.

Empowering your staff with the knowledge required to maintain your PROFIBUS network can reduce maintenance and downtime.

PROFIBUS Troubleshooting and ASi Course

PROFIBUS is the world market leader in fieldbus technology, providing large scalable networks capable of high-speed communications between controllers, sensors and actuators. ASi is a far "lighter" fieldbus, allowing less devices to be interconnected and operating at much slower speeds, but at low cost. Both PROFIBUS and ASi can be utilised together within a network to provide effective process communication solutions.

The PROFIBUS and ASi Introductory Course was designed from the outset to address the needs of process personal who work with both PROFIBUS and ASi fieldbus systems, while focussing on the additional demands of fault finding PROFIBUS systems.

Course Outline:

The PROFIBUS and ASi Introductory Course uses material developed for the PROFIBUS installers' course. The course gives an overview of the operation and characteristics of PROFIBUS and ASi networks, covering the theory, practice and common pitfalls of these networks.

Using demonstration rigs the student is taken through the basics of laying out and wiring an active network all the way through to using diagnostic tools to detect and fix bus faults.


At the end of the day every student is required to demonstrate their new found competence by writing and passing both a practical and multiple-choice theory test. Students that pass the course are issued with an Installer's certificate from the PCC as the PROFIBUS material covered is that included in the Installer's course.


Due to the technical nature of the course and our desire to see a maximum pass rate, training groups may not be greater than 8 people.

Venues, Dates and How do I apply?

This course is operated only on request. Please contact the PCC to discuss suitable dates and venues.