Site Assesments

If you are having PROFIBUS problems or think that you might be having PROFIBUS problems or have completely have no idea about the state of your PROFIBUS network, we have a solution for you! The PCC (PROFIBUS Competence Centre) are offering to assess your plant/site to determine which networks may cause you unexpected down time in the near future.

  So you might ask yourself...”How is this different to an audit”. Well, I am glad you asked. An audit/ callout is done when the plant has been shut down and the network can be fixed. An assessment is done when the network is live and running, the purpose is to determine which networks have faults and how severe those faults are. Once the assessment is done, during maintenance, those networks can then be fixed.


PLEASE NOTE: A valid purchase order for the required services MUST be submitted to the PCC before any services will be rendered
  Items marked with an asterisk* can be handled by the client
  Office hours are 8:00 till 17:00
  Time is calculated from when the engineer leaves the PCC until his return