System Integrator Accreditation Program

PROFIBUS is one of the world market leaders in Fieldbus technology. Designed and produced by the combined efforts of top development engineers, the Fieldbus is renowned for its stability and reliability when properly installed and maintained.

Employing staff with little or no knowledge of the systems they are required to work on can be both dangerous and costly. This analogy holds true with the design, installation and maintenance of a PROFIBUS network. Empowering your staff with the knowledge required to maintain your PROFIBUS network can reduce maintenance and downtime. Painful experience has shown that poor installation and non-adherence to the installation guidelines account for the vast majority of PROFIBUS problems.

Following the lead of other countries, an ever-increasing number of end users are insisting on installations carried out by certified professionals to guarantee the required level of technical competence. The importance of network installation practices and excellent design have emphasized the need for formalised accreditation of the relevant parties. The ideal situation is for projects to be accredited from start to finish. The design of the network should be approved by a certified PROFIBUS engineer; the installation to be carried out by accredited companies who have agreed to use only certified and therefore, preferred PROFIBUS installers; the installation audit to be carried out by a certified PROFIBUS engineer. This will ensure that a network is of the highest design and installation standard,
vastly reducing the possibilities of costly network downtime. It is envisaged that the utilisation of accredited personnel will form part of all tender requirements.

Criteria for SI Accreditation

  • The company must employ or contract a certified PROFIBUS Engineer
  • It must employ only certified PROFIBUS installers for its installation and relevant maintenance work
  • Network inspection and authorisation to be carried out by the certified engineer
  • The company must be a member of the PROFIBUS User Group (PUG)
  • The accreditation will be renewed annually on 1 January, on receipt of the membership subscription and receipt of a signed self-declaration that the company still has in its employ or contract a certified PROFIBUS engineer and uses only certified PROFIBUS installers
  • Attendance at regular PROFIBUS update sessions

Accredited companies will be issued with a certificate signed by the Chairman of the PROFIBUS User Organisation of Southern Africa and will be listed with other accredited companies on the PCC as well as the PROFIBUS User Group of Southern Africas Website.


  • Ensure high quality and correct PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA network designs
  • Cost savings by avoiding redesign, re-cabling and correction of installation errors
  • Reduce plant start-up times with correct network design, error free installation and faster commissioning of the network
  • Faster plant start-up when using multi-vendor systems
  • Improved system performance (PLC/SCADA/DCS) due to stable networks
  • Reduced plant stoppages and plant shuts in order to correct Profibus installations after start-up
  • Ease of maintenance of network by plant technicians

If you are buying certified products, why not use certified installers and companies? With the threat of costly downtime on production demands can you afford not to use certified personnel?